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The Garnet – Quick Facts about January’s Birthstone

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Garnet: The January Birthstone

What is a Garnet?

Garnet is the birthstone that is associated with January. It is found in quite a few varieties of colors, the most commonly associated color of garnet is red. Garnet, according to mythologies, symbolizes friendship and trust. Moreover, it is also widely believed to be a source of protection for its owners. Furthermore, protecting its owner from nightmares is also a believed attribute of the gem.

Garnet, the Mineral

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The January birthstone has many colors and the primary reason for this is the different composition of metals and minerals. Metals such as iron, manganese, aluminum, and calcium make for the rich, maroon color of the garnet gemstone.

Some variants of garnet are also found to have mineral fibers that produce a unique and distinguishing illusion of a four or a six-rayed star.

Differences in chemical compositions give birth to contradicting physical attributes or properties: calcium garnets are attributed to have relatively lower gravity while on the other hand, manganese garnets bear greater gravity and more firmness/hardness.

History of the Garnet

Archaeologists have found pieces of evidence that suggest that garnet jewelry had close links to royalty since many kings were found to have worn the jewelry made of the stone. The presence of amulets and jewelry was found in the tombs of pharaohs that suggest they were in use by the ancient Egyptians.

Also, the nobility of Rome had garnets molded into jewelry, not to mention the ancient civilization of Persia only permitted the royalty to own or wear the garnet jewels. 

Where is the Garnet Found

Deposits of garnets are spread all across the world from Australia to the United States. The variants of garnets differ and vary with their location and country. However, the largest producers of the garnet gemstone overall are Australia, the USA, China, and India.

Garnet Jewelry

Garnets are less expensive than other traditional gemstones and can be worn in everyday use, as well as for special occasions. A common type of jewelry set with garnets are rings followed by others such as earrings and necklaces.

The very rare demantoid garnet (the green variety) is a stunning sight and can rival an emerald’s beauty with its bright coloring.

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