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The Alexandrite – Quick Facts about June’s Birthstone

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Alexandrite: The June Birthstone (2 of 3!)

The alexandrite gemstone is among the three birthstones of June and is one of the 10 rarest gemstones in the world.

Therefore it is extremely hard to find a natural, Earth-mined alexandrite gem, and if you do, you will pay a hefty price for it. So if you truly want to own alexandrite jewelry, you will likely need to accept that you’ll need to buy lab-created stones, which are “real” just created in a lab and not within the Earth.

The other June birthstones are pearl and moonstone.

Alexandrite is a brilliant gemstone that changes color like a chameleon for example from green in daylight to red in the evening or night. It is a variety of Chrysoberyl mineral that is found in crystal form. 

It comes in different colors like green, purple, red, and yellow. The more popular stones are those that strong color change. Brazilian Alexandrite is the most precious form of this dazzling stone because it displays the most remarkable color changes.

Alexandrite is found in in India, Tanzania, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and recently in Africa too. Alexandrite is some of the most rare gemstones in the world so natural stone jewelry can be hard to find, and expensive. Therefore, synthetic (lab made) alexandrite is very popular and used in jewelry.

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History of Alexandrite

Alexandrite was first discovered by a Finnish mineralogist in the 18th century and he named it after the emperor of Russia, Alexander II. It was first identified as an emerald but later after thorough research, it was declared as a different gemstone. Alexandrite is a rather new gemstone than the others. Today synthetic or lab made alexandrite are more popular because they are clear from other trace elements and easier to be converted into jewelry items.

Believed Spiritual Qualities

Due to its changing color, alexandrite gemstone is very famous to be emerald in the day and ruby at the night. It is a rather new gemstone so there is not any writing available in ancient times about alexandrite. But according to astrology, it holds some special spiritual qualities.

It creates balance in one’s life, especially in an emotional state. Alexandrite helps to regenerate your inner and outer confidence in life. It provides inner sight and self-realization; it also helps to improve one’s flaws and increases inner strength. It brings happiness and love in one’s life.

Alexandrite enhances your creative sense and makes you more productive in your work life. The wearer of Alexandrite is believed to get successful in both their personal and professional life. 

Thanks to Gemporia for this wonderful video about the alexandrite!

Interesting Facts

Other than its interesting color changing fact, here are some more about Alexandrite gemstone:

  • It can be more expensive than Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires.
  • The largest Alexandrite in the world is found in Sri Lanka, it weighs 66 carats.
  • Alexandrite is considered to be among the hardest minerals.
  • Alexandrite can also exhibit Chatoyancy, which means “cat’s eye”. The line in the center of the gemstone makes it look like a cat’s eye.  

Alexandrite Jewelry

Due to its brilliant hardness, it is easier for artisan and fashion jewelry makers to work on Alexandrite. Alexandrite jewelry is typically the most expensive jewelry, after the diamond.  It is sometimes mistakenly called a “pink diamond”. The luxurious color makes it an excellent choice for formal jewelry. It is loved by women all around the world.

Due to its rarity and expensiveness, Alexandrite jewelry is not very common; it has been considered the jewel of the rich. Many of our favorite celebs are often seen wearing Alexandrite jewelry items on red carpets, award shows, and movie premieres.