Birthstone 04 - April Diamond, Gemstone Jewelry

The Diamond – Quick Facts about April’s Birthstone

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Diamond: The April Birthstone

The king of all gemstones, the Diamond is forever! Diamond is the birthstone for April. Diamond gemstones are rare and therefore one of the most valuable stones in the world. They have been considered the jewels of the rich and royal. Traditionally, Kings, Queens, wealthy and rich people wore diamonds to show off their wealth and status.

Nowadays, diamonds have become much more affordable, especially when bought online from reputable online diamond shops like Blue Nile.

The diamond is a solid form of carbon and is found in crystals. It is the most durable and hardest of any gemstone. The name “diamond” is derived from the Greek language and it means “unbreakable”.

Diamonds are rare and found in very few places on earth. Russia and Australia are known to have the largest amount of diamonds in the world. Some not so valuable diamonds are found in the USA and India. Canada and South Africa are also among the highest diamond producing countries.

History of Diamonds

Diamond gemstones have a strong association with India because they were discovered in India. The first mine of diamonds was in India near the Godavari and Krishna rivers. It was treasured and cherished among ancient Indians and considered holy within the people’s religious beliefs.

When Great Britain invaded India, they came to know about the precious diamonds. They took some diamonds with them and presented their queen with this precious gift. Since then, the popularity and demand for diamonds has risen. Now the USA, Brazil, and many African countries have started mining diamonds.  

Believed Spiritual Qualities

As diamonds are considered pure and trustworthy, they are the first choice for any couple getting engaged or married. And why not, diamond gemstones have some wonderful believed spiritual qualities:

  • Diamond helps to bring joy and happiness to one’s life.
  • Diamonds bring clarity and create a strong bond in a relationship.
  • It stimulates your mind’s creativity, opens the door of imagination, and lets you be more inventive.
  • Diamond increases your energy and keeps you positive in every situation.
  • The purity of diamonds signifies commitment and faithfulness in a relationship.
  • It enlightens your soul and brings self-awareness. 

Interesting Facts about Diamonds

Apart from the above interesting things about diamonds here are some more:

  • Diamonds are not only in crystal clear color, there are so many other colors of diamonds too like blue, orange, pink, yellow, green, and red.
  • The oldest diamond is believed to be 3.3 billion years old.
  • There is a planet discovered by scientists in 2004 named “Lucy”. This planet is believed to be composed of crystallized carbon. 

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so the saying goes. Diamond jewelry is most cherished and loved by women (and men!) all over the world. The purity and clarity of the diamond make it the number 1 choice for engagement rings. It signifies the eternal bond and fidelity among the couple.

Diamond jewelry like earrings and pendants are also very common among women. Whereas, Men mostly like to wear diamond rings. Many male fashion icons like Cristiano Ronaldo, Johnny Depp, Joe Jonas, Will Smith, and David Beckham have been seen wearing small diamond studs too.