Birthstone 06 - June Moonstone, Gemstone Jewelry

The Moonstone – Quick Facts about June’s Birthstone

Thanks to Gemporia for this wonderful video about the moonstone!

Moonstone: The June Birthstone (3 of 3!)

Moonstone is among the 3 birthstones of June, the others are Pearl and Alexandrite. Moonstone belongs to the family of Feldspar mineral; these types of gemstones are of opaque and pearly luster.  This unique gemstone is named after its visual appearance that looks like the moon. Moonstone was widely used in the form of jewelry and decorated art, crafts and embellished in ancient buildings.

Moonstone is found in Armenia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Poland, India, Norway, The United States, and in Sri Lanka.   

History of the Moonstone

Moonstone gemstone is pretty famous in ancient Roman history as they believed that the moonstone is derived from the rays of the moon. Romans and Greeks always considered Moonstone holy and associated this beautiful gemstone with their Gods and Goddesses. Later in French and Islamic culture, Moonstone became an integral part of their civilization and art. They used moonstone to decorate their religious places like Mosques and Churches. Now, Moonstone is used both in fashion jewelry and modern sculpturing and art.

Believed Spiritual Qualities

Due to its affiliation with the moon, Moonstone is believed to have many spiritual qualities in it. Moonstone brings calmness and control in nature; It enhances inner strength to deal with difficult situations and keeps your mind clear. This gemstone is believed to bring good luck in love life and professional life. It’s not an expensive stone and it is believed that you can gain peace, happiness, and marital bliss by wearing this stone. 

According to ancient astrology, this precious gemstone protects the wearer while traveling.

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about this amazing Moonstone:

  • Moonstone has another name that is “Hecatolite”.
  • Moonstone is the official gemstone of the state of Florida however, it doesn’t occur in Florida.
  • It is not only available in Opaque white color but also in yellow, pink, grey, and green. But the most valuable in the white stone that has a blue shine when exposed to light.

Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry is glamorous and luxurious at the same time. It is also neutral to wear moonstone jewelry at any event because it never looks over the top. Moonstone earrings,  rings, pendants, and bracelets are loved by women.

This type of jewelry is always in trends and it never goes out of style as we can see so many of our favorite celebrities wearing moonstone jewelry. Leighton Meester who played a high fashion Queen B (Blair Waldorf) has been seen wearing Moonstone in the show Gossip Girl. Kristen Stewart wore a Moonstone ring in Twilight Saga. Drew Barrymore wore a classic moonstone ring to the Golden Globes and Kylie Cuoco wore Moonstone earrings. We have also seen Cheryl Crow wearing a wide stylish and luxurious Moonstone bracelet at Grammy Awards.