Birthstone 06 - June Pearl, Gemstone Jewelry

The Pearl – Quick Facts about June’s Birthstone

Thanks to Gemporia for this wonderful video about pearls!

Pearl: The June Birthstone (1 of 3!)

Pearls are the beauty of nature; they are naturally formed in oysters. A pearl is an object made of calcium carbonate that is naturally created in the shells of mollusks and oysters. The natural pearls are rare and most valuable. Lately, pearl gemstone farming has created new ventures and produced cultured pearls. However, they are not as valuable as natural pearls from the seas. Pearl is one of the birthstones of June among Alexandrite and Moonstone.

There are many types of pearls such as freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are the pearls that come from river and lake mollusks and saltwater pearls come from the sea mollusks. Pearls come in so many colors like white, yellow, gold, blue, green, pink, and black. However, the clearer the pearl,the most valuable it will be.

The natural pearls are found in the seas of Bahrain and Australia. Many countries are doing pearl farming to create cultured pearls like USA/California, China, Mexico, Cook Islands, and Fiji.  


History of Pearls

The pearl industry first started in Sri Lanka. Their princes, princesses, queens, and kings used to wear pearl jewelry. Later an intensive search for pearls started in the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf, and the South China Sea by the Chinese. Divers manually dived into the sea to find the natural seawater pearls and in the bottoms of the rivers to find the freshwater pearls. Great Britain was famous for its freshwater pearls.  Later in time pearl farming started in different parts of the world. Today the South Sea and Tahiti pearls are cultured in Japan and China.

Believed Spiritual Qualities

The pearl is considered pure and soothing. There so many spiritual qualities that pearls are believed to have:

  • Pearls signify innocence and purity. It is also symbolized as sincerity.
  • It is believed that pearls bring loyalty in a relationship and increases faith and fidelity.
  • Pearl is also a “stone” that increases self-realization and self-awareness. It helps to meditate the mind and soul.
  • It also increases positive energies around the wearer.

Interesting Facts

Here are some more interesting facts about pearls:

  • Julius Caesar was so attracted to pearls that he came especially to Britain in the search of natural pearls.
  • Pearl is the only gemstone that is produced by a living creature.
  • There are very rare pearls that are organic and natural, but many pearls used in jewelry today are synthetic – so be mindful when you are purchasing pearls!
  • The most expensive pearl in the world is worth 100 million US Dollars. It was discovered in 2016 in the Philippines.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl is always considered to be pure and signify love and loyalty. Therefore pearl jewelry is mostly used as wedding jewelry. It not only matches the perfect white gown but also enhances its beauty. Pearl jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings enhances the beauty of a bride. Pearls are also worn to signify elegance and can dramatically enhance many outfits.