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The Ruby – Quick Facts about July’s Birthstone

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Ruby: The July Birthstone

The ruby gemstone is among the 5 most precious gemstones in the world along with Amethyst, Emerald, Diamond, and Sapphire. It comes from the family of Corundum mineral. The luxurious red color is not only fascinating but rare too. Ruby is the birthstone for July. The name “Ruby” is from the Latin language and means “Red”. Ruby’s color varies from pink to blood red. The red rubies are more valuable and expensive.

Rubies are found mostly in Brazil, Colombia, India, Japan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Zambia, Madagascar, Thailand, Tajikistan, and Vietnam. However, the most exceptional and valuable rubies occur in the Valley of Mogok, Upper Myanmar. Another spot for expensive and valuable rubies is in Pakistani Kashmir.

Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 / CC BY-SA

History of Rubies

In 200 BCE, China used to trade rubies on the North Silk Road. Rubies were also discovered in ancient Thailand. The gemstone has always been considered holy and precious in many Asian countries. In India and China, rubies were used as an armor ornament that protected their soldiers in war.

It is also held esteemed in Hindu culture as they believe it to be the stone of their Lord Surya who is the leader of the 9 heavenly bodies (also called Navgarha). The ruby represents strength and power in their culture and religion.

Now, synthetic/lab made rubies have becoming popular as an affordable alternative to natural stones. Artisans work on synthetic rubies to create ruby jewelry. However, synthetic rubies are not as valuable as natural mined rubies. 

Believed Spiritual Qualities

Rubies have been considered a gemstone of power and strength. Due to its lush red color, it also signifies authority and superiority. Here are some believed spiritual qualities of the ruby gemstone:

  • Rubies signify leadership qualities and power.
  • It is said to be the stone that brings the zest of life and brings motivation towards achieving life goals.
  • Ruby wearers are believed to make the right decisions in life because it provides balance in mind and heart.
  • Ruby increases passion for love and family. It also increases generosity in relations.

Interesting Facts

Here are some more interesting facts about the precious red ruby:

  • Rubies are among the hardest mineral on the earth along with diamonds.
  • The Burmese Ruby is the most expensive ruby that is mined, it is also known as Sunrise Ruby.

Ruby Jewelry

Ruby jewelry is one of the most loved jewelry all around the world. Artisans work on rubies because they never go out of style and always remain in trends. Many Hollywood celebrities have been seen wearing rubies at different events. Penelope Cruz was seen wearing the astonishing rubies and diamond earrings that looked amazingly stunning. Emily Blunt also wore an extremely gorgeous pair of ruby earrings. And who can forget Paris Hilton’s gigantic iconic ruby and diamond flower ring? It was just marvelous.