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The Topaz – Quick Facts about November’s Birthstone

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Topaz: The November Birthstone

The golden or yellow topaz is considered one of November’s birthstones. However, topaz is found in a large variety of colors, with blue being one of the most popular. Citrine is the other birthstone for November babies.

The November birthstone, topaz ,is one of the most elegant and exceptional pieces of the gemstone family. There is a vast variety of shapes, colors, and sizes that you will find in the November birthstone topaz family, but not all are the same. There are some very rare gemstones that you won’t just find with any jeweler and there are common gemstones as well that you can easily find at any store. There are certain ways to style topaz jewelry.

If you’re interested in buying a topaz gemstone, then read ahead to find some fun facts about the topaz gemstone. 

What is the November Birthstone Topaz?

The topaz gemstone is one of the most popular and desired gemstones out there. It usually comes in a yellow color tone, but can also be found in other colors, like orange, blue, and pink. While, there are two types of November birthstones, Citrine and Topaz, we are more specifically going to talk about the topaz for this month. This beautiful gemstone is considered to be a healer. The best part about this gemstone is that is makes for a beautiful and unique gift when worn as a jewelry item.

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5 Fun Facts about the topaz gemstone

Here are the 5 facts that we’ve been waiting to share with you about the topaz:

Thought to increase strength

According to ancient Greeks, the topaz gemstone is known to increase your strength and power whenever you face troubles in your life. If it is worn as a necklace, it is thought to have removed sadness from a person’s life and increase intellectuality. 

The name of this gemstone was originated from an island

The name “topaz” is generated from a small island in the red sea, called the “topazios”. Even though the name originated from this island, the island itself does not produce topaz gemstone at all. 

The name comes from Sanskrit

The word in the Sanskrit language is “Tapas”. This word translated to fire. This is the reason why it is commonly found in a warm yellow tone.

The pink topaz gemstone was discovered in Russia in the 19th century

When it was discovered, only the Czar and his family and the ones that he gifted to were allowed to have these gems for themselves.

Topaz jewelry depicts faithfulness, friendship, and loyalty

This is the reason many people gift it to their loved ones as wedding or birthday gifts.

So, with all that said, we have reached the end. We hope that you found these amazing facts about topaz gemstone worthy of reading. If you want to gift this topaz jewelry to your November-born loved one, then do go for it and make them happy.