Gemstone Jewelry

Larimar Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry is not only a statement, it also holds so much meaning and history while also being rare and beautiful. It’s important to know about the A to Zs of a gemstone before you buy it or wear it as jewelry because its rarity makes it even more special and valuable to you.

larimar necklaces by marahlago

You may have heard the name larimar pop up now and then and it piqued your interest, which is why you’re here. Well, you’re in luck, because we’re here to tell you all that you know about the rare and beautiful larimar gemstone; from its appearance, etymology, history, where it’s found, how you can style it, and more.

What Is Larimar?

The larimar gemstone has a gorgeous ocean blue hue, but its coloration can vary from white, light-blue, green-blue to deep blue. The silicate minerals of the blue variety of pectolite is found only in the Caribbean (in the Dominican Republic, to be precise). Larimar has many nicknames but the most famous ones are “Stefilia’s Stone”, “The Dolphin Stone”, and “The Atlantis Stone”, each of which applies differently to the oceanic stone but are equally beautiful names.

Where It’s Found

The special thing about larimar is that it’s only found in one place in the whole world. This rarity makes the stone extremely valued and sought after in the market. The only larimar deposit in the world is in a remote mountain range in the Dominican Republic. It’s said that a unique volcanic explosion led to the development of the rare gemstone.

Larimar’s History

The story of the discovery of larimar is quite interesting. It’s probably that local inhabitants of the Caribbean island knew of the gemstone’s existence but no official records about larimar exist before 1916 when a Spanish missionary discovered the stone but his request to explore the Dominican Republic more was denied by the government. That’s why the stone wasn’t talked about again until the 50s when some villagers saw Larimar wash up on the shore in 1957.

However, no one was too intrigued about the rare stone until the 70s, when some villagers followed a river for days in search of the origins of the mysterious blue rarity. When it comes to larimar’s name, what we know is that Miguel Mendez, one of the first few artisans to use Larimar, combined his daughter Larissa’s name with the Spanish word “mar”, meaning “sea”.

How To Style Larimar

Even though the cool hue of Larimar gives it a timeless style, it’s especially in trend this year. Paired ideally with cool-toned metals like silver, larimar jewelry looks breathtaking on yellow, gray, and white outfits. 

As we’ve mentioned before, larimar is an extremely rare and breathtaking gemstone with a beautiful meaning and bright appearance, which is exactly why you should buy it!

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