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Jewelry has been worn since ancient times as symbols and as art. Today, jewelry is still a perfect way for anyone to showcase what they love and care about.

Whether its a ruby ring to adorn your birthstone, a cross necklace to show your faith, a locket to preserve a memory, or an eternity ring to symbolize your never-ending love, jewelry can make you, you.

So for many reasons, it can truly be the perfect gift.

That notion is what this website is all about. We publish “gift guides” to help you find exactly what you are looking for, whether its a gift for a loved one or for yourself!

About Gina

This website is continuously being built by myself, Gina, as a labor of love. Three of my passions in life are jewelry, history, and science.

They may not seem like they go together, but actually gemstone jewelry is the perfect mix of these 3 loves for me.

I’m incredibly curious about the history of symbolism in different cultures and that history is richly represented in even modern jewelry.

Gemstones are a product of science, geology, and nature’s beautiful perfection.

I’m an Earth Sciences instructor by day and a weekend rockhound. I’m currently formalizing my gemstone education and becoming a certified professional gemologist. I hold a Master of Science degree and am a member of the International Gem Society (IGS). I’m considered a sapphire and ruby specialist by the IGS.

Thank you again for visiting and if you have and questions or comments, please email me.


Gina Bernard

Gemstone Jewelry Specialist