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How to Easily Change a Pin or Brooch into a Pendant

Do you have vintage or sentimental brooches/pins that you never use? Then I’d like to share a simple and quick way to fix that.

Instead of letting your brooch sit in the jewelry box for years, turn it into a pendant, add a chain, and wear as a necklace!

Check out this video to see how a horizontal and vertical brooch converter works. You can find converters at either beadaholique or Amazon.

If you try this and find that the converter slides around a lot, you can use those tiny plastic earring back findings (aka tubes or stoppers) to stabilize it by placing one rubber piece on each side.

This opens up a world of possibilities doesn’t it? I may visit some estate sales or antique stores looking for some beautiful pins.

Or there are some amazing vintage brooches on Etsy.


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Stunning Pink Tourmaline Cocktail Ring

I’m happy to share to beautiful pink tourmaline cocktail ring with diamond accents from Angara. The brilliant, crisp pink is so pretty and the cushion shape sets this piece apart from others.

You can customize this with several metal types (yellow, rose or white gold or even platinum) along with stone quality and carat weight.

The image below shows the ring in 14K white gold.

Image credit:

Don’t you love this color? I think I love it so much because it reminds me of cotton candy.

You can view other pink tourmaline cocktail rings from Angara here.


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Green Tsavorite Eternity Bands in Gold

There are 6 stunning tsavorite eternity band rings available at Angara that I wanted to point out since it can be challenging to find this gemstone in jewelry.

The crisp green color of this stone just pops with these bands. Below I’ll include a brief description of these pieces and you can find much more information, including customization options such as size, quality, and metal type, on the rings’ page.

The images below show 2 of these rings in 14K white gold but there are other options available such as yellow or rose gold or even platinum and silver depending on the ring.

7 Stone Half Eternity Band with Tsavorite and Diamonds

5 Tsavorite Stone Half Eternity Band

Image credits:

You can view the other Tsavorite eternity band styles here. The shade of the stone is just so pretty so if you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one that adores green, then this gem is perfect.

What is tsavorite anyway?

This stone is a type of garnet so far only found in Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, Pakistan, and Antarctica. Since this crystal is not found in many places in the world, it is considered rare.


Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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6 Styles of Amethyst Heart Ring in White Gold

I’ve found 6 beautiful types of amethyst heart ring in white gold available at one of my favorite online jewelers, Angara.

Below are photos of those 6 along with some very brief descriptions. You’ll find more info, and customization options like gemstone quality, size, and metal type, when you visit each rings’ page. All the below pieces are shown in just one of the metal options which is 14K white gold.

Did I say stunning yet?

Amethyst Heart Halo Ring with Diamond Accents

Amethyst Heart Bypass Ring with Diamonds

Amethyst Heart, Ribbons, and Diamonds Ring

2 Hearts Amethyst Ring with Pave Diamonds

Bezel Amethyst Ring with Diamond Accents

Bezel Amethyst Solitaire Ring

There are many more styles available, but if you are looking for heart-shaped purple stone rings to symbolize a February birthday and/or just showcase your love, these are perfect!

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6 Stone Garnet Cross Necklace in Silver

This 6 stone garnet cross necklace is a wonderful gift to showcase one’s faith and symbolize the January birthstone.

Each deep red colored gem is an oval shape and makes a beautiful statement. The metal backing the pendant and the chain is .925 sterling.

The gemstones are natural and heat treated (a common jewelry practice.) A gift box is included.